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Get ready for a historic week in US politics - CNN

Supreme Court cases could stir politics on 'Dreamers' - Roll Call

Sánchez’s hubris has smashed Spain’s brittle politics into even smaller pieces - The Guardian

UK government delay of Russia report is shaming, says Clinton - The Guardian

It’s hard to harness the power of singletons - The Guardian

The truly frightening thing about Nikki Haley's big revelation - CNN

Online politics needs to be cleaned up – but not just by Facebook and Twitter - The Guardian

"Identity Politics" Illuminates Past, Present - New Haven Independent

Political Cornflakes: Policy squabbling bedevils Northeastern states' efforts to legalize pot - Salt Lake Tribune

QAnon candidates: Fringe conspiracy theory moves closer to political mainstream - NBC News

Bolivia faces political uncertainty after president and his would-be successors resign - NBC News

Boris Johnson set to break pledge not to nominate EU commissioner - The Guardian

Moody's offers bleak outlook for government debt amid political instability - CNBC

Most Republicans Think Pressuring Foreign Countries to Investigate Political Rivals is Normal - Mother Jones

We’re seeing more women in politics. Is it a quick ‘wave’ or a lasting trend? | Opinion - The Philadelphia Inquirer

New Normal in Key State for 2020 Race: Political Deadlock - The New York Times

'Everything is a mess': Morales exit rocks Bolivia, splits region - Reuters

Latin American Politics Still a Military Affair - Bloomberg

70% of Democrats say politics makes them angry about America - Axios

In Texas politics, a little ignorance can lead to bliss - The Texas Tribune




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