Iraq News

U.S. Plans to Renew Sanctions Waiver on Iraq’s Imports of Iranian Power - The Wall Street Journal

Reporters - Exclusive: At the heart of Iraq's uprising - FRANCE 24

Iran trains Shia militia proxies in Iraq to wage war on US - report - The Jerusalem Post

Iraq Iraq's Shiite factions avoid direct engagement with Washington - Al-Monitor

US general slips into Iraq for talks to salvage relations - Miami Herald

Pentagon watchdog: US withdrawal from Iraq would 'likely' mean ISIS resurgence | TheHill - The Hill

Iraq struggles to switch from imported fuel to national gas -

Sadr supporters take iconic Tahrir Square building - Al Jazeera America

Who is cracking down on Iraq's anti-government protesters? - Al Jazeera English

Keeping US troops in Iraq won't solve the chaos there | TheHill - The Hill

In death, Iran's Soleimani bequeaths perilous dilemma for Iraq - Reuters

Can Iraq's new prime minister nominee navigate Baghdad's political chaos? - Atlantic Council

Iranian-backed militias may have killed 500 protesters in Iraq - The Jerusalem Post

In Iraq, Where Beauty Was Long Suppressed, Art Flowers Amid Protests - The New York Times

Iraq Names New Prime Minister, Faces Protests - The Wall Street Journal

The US occupation of Iraq as a noir thriller - Al Jazeera English

Dhi Qar: The southern province at the heart of Iraq's uprising - Middle East Eye

Man accused of being al Qaeda leader in Iraq arrested in Arizona | TheHill - The Hill

Suspicious oil deals dissipate Iraq's resources - The Arab Weekly

Fallujah residents in Iraq: 'We have had our share of protests' - Al Jazeera English




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