Election News

Election News

Paid social media influencers dip toes in U.S. 2020 election - Reuters

Why a young former mayor is surging in US election - BBC News

US Election 2020 - ABC News

US Election 2020   ABC News

Is It Time To Shorten The Time For US Election Campaigns? - newstalkkit.com

Trump looks to 'shake up the Dems' with New Hampshire rally - Brown County Democrat

Trump Presents Election-Year Budget Based on Lofty Growth Assumptions - VOA News

Trump tells advisers he doesn't want another summit with North Korea's Kim before the election - CNN

The Billion-Dollar Disinformation Campaign to Reelect the President - The Atlantic

DoD has enduring role in election defense > US Air Force > Article Display - Air Force Link

Trump's election year budget proposal slashes Medicaid, other social safety nets - NBCNews.com

Director: Holmes County BOE ready for election - Wooster Daily Record

US Counterintel Strategy Emphasizes Protection of Democracy - The New York Times

Heading off an 'election meltdown' - UCI News

Barr: U.S. scrutinizing information ahead of 2020 election, including from Giuliani - Reuters

Irish election 'romcom': couple who ran against each other both win - The Guardian

Tell us what you think about the Irish election result - The Guardian

Senate Intelligence Committee releases report on Russian election interference - Homeland Preparedness News

Poll suggests Stewart, McAdams could have tough re-election campaigns in November - KUTV 2News

Azerbaijan Election Marred by Violations, Say International Observers - U.S. News & World Report

Election security chief urges public to be vigilant - WTOP




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