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Chris Hartley | IP address: | Product: Taser Advanced M26-C Bundled Package *****

I am a bail bondsman in Nassau County, Florida. Two days ago myself and a colleague had to go to a defendants home to arrest him. Upon opening the defendants bedroom door we were greeted with a fully loaded revolver pointed at us. At that time, I deployed my Taser Advanced M26-C which completely incapacitated the subject and allowed my colleague enough time to get handcuffs on the defendant. After the sheriff's office arrived I was mermed by the deputy that the primer of the first bullet in the gun had a hammer indentation in it and that the gun must have mis-fired. Thank God that my Taser Advanced M26-C was effective enough that the defendant did not have time to pull the trigger again. As a former police officer I would hands down say that this is the most effective non-lethal weapon that I have ever seen. I will forever own one.
SFT | IP address: | Product: Bissell (3 Inch) Tuff Stain Tool
Came in a timely manner. Product was just as ordered.
Jim Wichmaqnn | IP address: 507.19.219.801 | Product: Kirby Micron Magic HEPA Bag (9 pack)
Had to do a return due to problems with the Kirby distributor and they were very professional and prompt in handleing the return request.
S.A.R., Milton WA | IP address: 501.101.83.72 | Product: Taser Advanced M26-C Bundled Package
Thank you for the prompt shipping of my Taser Advanced M26-C. I was surprised to find it at such reasonable cost, so I double-checked your website and called the contact number. It was nice to speak to a real individual who answered my questions (even while he was on his lunch break!) and I was assured of the product's specifications. Your website is well designed too. I'll be ordering another product before too long.
Diane from Canada | IP address: | Product: Bissell (3 Inch) Tuff Stain Tool
Speedy delivery, great price and most of all fits perfectly!
John C., Poconos, PA | IP address: | Product: Taser C2 Bundled package
Thanks I'm in the music business as well as private security and just received my own Taser today. I had the opportunity to test this weapon about six months ago and see it's true effect on a suspect/actor, it was exactly what I expected, thus I bought my own. Security and law enforcement alike are always looking to find new ways to lessen the risk of bodily harm to themselves and the suspects/actors as well. Taser technology is that integral part of the equation that improves safety and efficiency for all parties involved.

Your shipping was prompt and I thank you.
Mike | IP address: | Product: Bissell Healthy Home & Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaner Hose Assembly
reat job, ordering was easy, and delivery was fast , parts are an exact match. Thaks
Jonathan Wilson | IP address: | Product: Bissell Separation Flange Filter (3 Inches)
Excellent website, easy to find what I needed. Fast shipping! Thank you
Kathy Ainsworth | IP address: | Product: Bissell Healthy Home & Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaner Lower Hose
Easy to order and arrived quickly! Wish the part was just a shade longer, but very happy with your service.
Heather Weary | IP address: | Product: Bissell Filter
Thank you for the filter which I needed. Appreciate it. Fastest in the West! A+++
Thomas | IP address: | Product: Bissell Receiver Assembly
This assembly it's exactly as advertised. Installs easy and works as designed.
john | IP address: | Product: Shop Vac Drain Cap
The item itself is exactly what I was looking for. I broke the original (I don't remember how) but I duct taped 10 years ago before the web made it easy to find "stuff". Anyway found it here!
Sharleene E. | IP address: | Product: Bissell Foam Filter - Outer Circular Filter ONLY (2 Inches)
The product was easy to find on your site and I am well pleased with the fast delivery. Will shop here again! I'll also recommend this site to others. Thank you!