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Use Caution When Searching for Health Information on These Topics

K Health Secures $12.5 Million, Launches Healthcare App in New York

General counsel for Oklahoma State Department of Health resigns

Study: Blowhole spray can provide fast data on whale health

An Aspirin a Day for Heart Health? It May Depend on Your Weight

Answer Man: On Mission Health sale, who gets the money? Who owns Mission?

Heart-healthy diet linked to bigger brain volume

Is heading a football bad for your health?

Sleep Tied to Teenagers' All-Around Health

Alcohol's health risks are far easier to prove than its benefits

Post office closes due to health issues

Why health insurers track when you buy plus-size clothes or binge-watch TV

Legal same-sex marriage helps gay men's health, research shows

Texas must ensure students have mental health support

Sam Asghari On His Fitness Transformation, Acting Career, And Girlfriend Britney Spears

Zika and health cuts blamed for rise in baby death rates in Brazil

Not 9 to 5: mental health initiative targets 'toxic' pressures for restaurant workers

Health Insurers Are Vacuuming Up Details About You — And It Could Raise Your Rates

Universities outsource mental health services despite soaring demand

There is good health and fitness advice on the web—here's how to find it




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